How do I find Properties for sale in Javea?

There are a few ways to consider when finding properties for sale in Javea, and probably the most common place to start is on the Spanish property portals of which there are many, but below I have listed a few of the main portals that are available.

Think Spain
Place In The Sun

So is finding properties for sale in Javea Easy? Well, there are so many portals to choose from and sometimes searching for property in Javea can become confusing, especially when you are sending email enquiries to a number of agents in the same area. Many of these agents will be listing the same property, so it is quite common that viewings are arranged, only to find that clients have already seen the property with another estate agent. Obviously this is frustrating for all parties concerned, and can be a waste of valuable search time.

For this reason I would always suggest trying to work with just one or two agents who can get to know your Javea property requirements, and also bring in properties from other agencies that may be suitable to view. This way it allows you time to build up a relationship with your agent and also will give confidence that you have someone
looking after your best interests.

How do I find a property agent In Javea?

The best way always is a personal recommendation, there is nothing better than talking to someone who has already gone through buying a property in Javea and will have experienced working with agents and lawyers to complete their purchase. If you don’t have any connections with Spanish property buyers, then you can search websites and read testimonials left by previous clients, once you have narrowed down the choice to two or three agents, then make
contact through email initially to explain what you are looking for. A good agent will respond quickly and try and give some advice and options on what is available, if you like what you hear then arrange a telephone call to discuss your plans further and at this point I´m sure you will start to get a feel for an agent that you are comfortable with.

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