Reasons to buy Property in Javea

We often get asked what the main attraction to Javea, here are just a few reasons to buy property in Javea, and why it deserves to be on your relocation list

So if we are looking for reasons to buy property in Javea, here are just a few to think about.

Javea has an abundance of natural attractions, there are over 20 kilometers of stunning coastline where you will find an abundance of natural coves, beaches and cliffs. The area also has some of the best scuba diving and
watersports in Spain, which can be enjoyed all year virtually year round due to the excellent climate. Also there are several natural parks such as Granadella and Montgo, where you will find a variety of walks with stunning scenery and
coastal views.

Javea Townhall 2023

Javea Town hall are taking a lot of effort to make Javea an attractive option for house hunters and holiday visitors. For this reason they have invested in connecting the natural features of Javea with a program of gastronomic, cultural and musical activites that can be enjoyed throughout the year. So for 2023, the Javea calendar is full with a cultural agenda that allows every weekend to showcase a variety of theatre, exhibitions and music, including some of the latest emerging artists and groups.

Javea looking Forward

2023 in Javea is set to have a vibrant feel that focuses not only on cultural experiences, but also a high level of sporting events. These events will take full advantage of the Javea´s climate, and also create a haven for professional sporting teams looking for winter training programmes.

Javea already attracts some of the top cycling teams from all over the World looking for winter training on a variety of geographical terrains. So it is also understandable that the level of professional sports such as swimming, sailing and
athletics are increasing each year.

To sum up, Javea is quickly becoming a major area for people looking to work remotely and take advantage of the relaxed way of life, and gives many opportunities to enjoy sporting and cultural activities 365 days of the year. So if you are looking to relocate to Spain, searching for a property in Javea should definitely be on your list.

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