Finding the best estate agent in Javea

Finding the best estate agent in Javea can be a daunting task as there are so many to choose from. There are over 200 registered estate agents in Javea, and it is important to firstly decide on the type of real estate agent you are looking for. Each agency may specialise in certain areas of the Javea real estate business, so it important to do some research into the type of agent you are looking for.
Here are some of the categories available in the Javea estate agent business.

Listing agents in Javea – Some agencies concentrate solely on listing properties and will then circulate the listings from their website to other agencies who provide them with buying clients.

Buyers’ agents in Javea – These agencies concentrate on attracting buyers, they will advertise on all the major portals and work in the main on the buyers behalf, viewing properties from their own website listings

• Commercial agents in Javea – Agencies that only deal with commercial real estate, on these sites you will find only real estate such as restaurants, offices, bars and established businesses for sale.

• Luxury real estate agents in Javea – There are many agents in Javea that will concentrate on luxury real estate with prices starting from 1 million euros upwards.

• Property Finders in Javea – There are some agencies that work on a property finding basis, in many cases these people do not have offices and work from home. For this reason, take caution as there are some that have relatively no knowledge of the property market and tend to do this part time. However there are some really good property finders who are registered with offices and also regular estate agencies will also offer this service.

How do I go about finding the best estate agent in Javea?

Here are some ideas on how to start your search for a good estate agent in Javea.

• The internet will give you a vast selection of estate agents in Javea each having specialist knowledge of the real estate business.

• Property shows are a great way to meet agents and talk with them directly before you actually travel to Spain. A good estate agent will take the time to talk to you, and help with your Spanish property search even if you are looking to buy some way in the future. At Signature Villas we often work for many months with some of our clients before we actually find their perfect property in Javea.

• Recommendations from people you know can be one of the best ways to find a good estate agent in Javea. Although just beware of bar estate agents, where friendships are made very quickly over a few drinks and you will be given recommendations for anything from estate agents to plumbers, electricians and builders. The list is endless just like the amount of so called property experts you will meet when visiting Javea for the first time. Many people of course are genuine, and it is up to your own discretion whether to take their advice or not.

• Website testimonials are there for all to see, a good agency will have genuine testimonials and will be able to let you speak directly with the clients if required.

• Does the Agency have a registered office? – A really good indication of a good estate agent in Javea, is if they have a registered office and are SL registered as a company in Spain. Also check if they are a member of an official real estate body such as AIPP or API, if they are, you can rest easy, as they will have many years of real estate knowledge and possess all relevant requirements and insurances to protect your interests.

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