Residency Options in Spain

Here is a basic guideline for the different types of residency options in Spain.

Golden Visa

This Visa is ideal for investors or those purchasing property over 500,000euros, this could be the purchase of 1 property or several properties providing the value exceeds 500,000 euros.
You can apply for this residency and include your Spouse and children under 18 years old.
Another option for this visa is to deposit 1 million euros in a Spanish investment account.
If you live in Spain for more than 10 years, it is possible to gain permanent Spanish residency and citizenship.

Self Employed or Business Owner

If you are looking to start a business in Spain it is possible to apply for residency and include your spouse and dependent children.

To qualify for this residency option in Spain you will need the following.

  • Funds in place to be able to live and operate in Spain for 12 months
  • You must spend more than 6 months in Spain

After 5 years of self employed residency you can renew your residency to a permanent resident card.

Non-Lucrative Visa

This visa is becoming one of the most popular residency options in Spain. The non Luctrative Visa is aimed at those who are retired or derive their income from another country, so there are no employment requirements. You can also include your spouse and dependent children

Requirements for this visa are as follows.

  • You will need to prove you have purchased a property or have a rental contract
  • It will take around 2 months to obtain the correct paperwork
  • After the paperwork has been submitted, it will take 3 to 8 weeks for approval of the residency.

As you can see there are various residency options available in Spain, so if you need any information about obtaining residency in Spain please contact us. As you can see there are various options available so if you

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