The Spanish Non Lucrative Visa in Javea Made Simple!

Living in Spain is a dream for many, with one of the best climates and coastlines in the world, and ranked by many official organisations as one of the best places to live and invest, Spain still has a special draw for most nationalities. With the recent situation regarding the covid virus, more people are looking to relocate and work remotely and take advantage of the Spanish climate and lifestyle. Also with the exit of the UK from Europe and new residency laws, many Brits are still keen to relocate and take advantage of the Non Lucrative Visa in Javea.

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Here is a very simple guide to explain what the visa provides and what you will need to obtain one.

The Non Lucrative Visa in Javea

This is probably the most accessible way to obtain a Spanish residency visa.
It allows.

If you are a non EU resident you can live in Spain and work remotely for companies outside of Spain

It is issued for one year and renewable after two years

You can buy property and be involved with other Spanish investments

After five consecutive years, you can apply for a full Spanish residents card

The visa covers your family so you can bring your Spouse and children to Spain immediately

You are allowed to study in Spain

What do I need to Qualify for this Non Lucrative Visa in Javea?

You will need to show a minimum of 26,000 euros in your bank account

Each family member must have 7000 euros in their account. Your bank will need to provide proof of this. In certain countries such as Russia, you will need to provide statements for 6 months to show bank transactions. Your funds do not have to be in the same bank account.

The bank account holder’s name must match the visa applicant.

You can include your spouse and children with a joint application but remember you will need to show funds to support each member.

You will need private medical insurance operating in Spain to show you are covered for care outside the Spanish national health system.

How to Apply

The application is fairly simple, initially, you will submit the application outside of Spain to your nearest Spanish consulate, after you have the visa and enter Spain you must then apply for a resident TIE card.

Usually, the consulate will respond to your application within 1 month, if you do not receive anything within this period then your application will have been rejected. If your application is accepted then the visa will be added to your passport and travel to Spain granted.

Documents required for application

National visa form

Spanish private medical insurance

Form Ex 10

Certified bank funds of over 25,000 euros


Two Passport photos

Certified medical certificate

A translated certificate of no criminal record

Useful links

Application form

Form Ex10

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