Villas with Tennis courts for sale in Javea

Villas with Tennis Courts for Sale in Javea

We have many clients looking for property with tennis courts and there are plenty of options available. With older properties that have tennis courts, it is very common to find the court has been neglected over the years and needs to be revamped. There are local companies specialising in this service and they are able to not only reform the court but also add to the facility maybe with floodlights, players bench etc. If you  are interested in buying property with a tennis court there will be some maintenance costs to take into considerations and this will mainly depend on the type of surface of the court. As well as full sized courts, there are lot of properties that have padel tennis courts, which are about half the size of a regular tennis court and the sport has become one of the most popular pastimes in Europe.

Maintaining your court

If you are interested in villas with tennis courts for sale in Javea then there are some maintenance items to consider. On a yearly basis you should inspect the court for cracks or damage to the surface, it’s far easier to repair a small crack in the early stages rather than leaving over time when water and sun can cause more damage.

Keep your court clean and make sure that any perimeter drains are clear. Take care when cleaning with high pressure washers as they can strip the top surface of the court. Remove weeds, leaves, dust and dirt and clean with water and washing up liquid. It is a fact that clean courts wear better and need less maintenance.

The average cost for maintaining a tennis court is around 1200€ per year

Will a Tennis court add value to my property?

A tennis court will cost between 12,000€ to 100,000€ depending on the type of surface, so yes the a court will add value to your property but more importantly it will increase the desirability when it comes to selling.

How adaptable is a tennis court

Although Tennis is the obvious use for the court there are many things this are can be used for such as, exercise and walking, basketball, dog training, soccer 5 a side, playgrounds and many more uses, the court can also be covered with artificial grass to make more garden space or seating areas, the list is endless.

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