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Many people prefer to buy more traditional properties and fincas not only provide a more Spanish feel, but also they generally will give you larger plots. Clients who are looking for fincas for sale in Javea want a more peaceful way of life away from the busy coastline, and with more land, it also offers potential for those looking to have animals and would like the more self-sufficient lifestyle, maybe grow fruit and vegetables and if this is the case, consideration of the soil type will have to be taken into account along with irrigation and water supply.

Finca prices have risen over the last two years during the covid crisis, as it appears more people are looking to live the good life.

Here are some points to consider when buying a finca

Does the property have good access? Some properties although Idyllic, may have difficult access especially in bad weather and sometimes access may be across another owners land, so make sure this is guaranteed and legal.

Are the boundaries correct? Your lawyer will be able to check that the boundaries are correct and as per the land registry, this is a very important point as over the years many boundaries can be lost or given to neighbours for farming, but have no legal rights.

Does the property have an Escritura? Many rural properties are handed down through generations so check that all the legal owners are on the title deeds. This is critically important when looking for fincas for sale in Javea.

Electricity and water supplies

With some rural properties there may be difficulties with water and electric supplies, and you may find that the water is supplied from a well or tanker, and the electricity from solar and battery, or maybe mains but at a low kilowatt capacity. In any event if you fall in love with a property and it’s location, these problems can usually be overcome with the modern tools available to us today, and if mains services are nearby then it should be possible to have the property connected.

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