Essential Documents for Selling Property in Javea: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re considering selling your property in Javea, it’s essential to be well-prepared and gather all the necessary documents to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Selling a property involves a significant amount of paperwork, and having the right documents in order will help facilitate the process. Here is a comprehensive guide to the essential documents you will need when selling your property in Spain.

Title Deed (Escritura de Compraventa):

The Title Deed is the most crucial document as it establishes your ownership of the property. This document proves that you are the legal owner and have the right to sell the property. It contains important information such as the property’s description, boundaries, and details of the previous purchase. Ensure that you have a valid and updated copy of the Title Deed.

Land Registry Extract (Nota Simple Informativa):

Obtaining a Land Registry Extract is necessary to confirm the property’s registration status and details. It provides information on the property’s boundaries, ownership history, any outstanding mortgages or charges, and any limitations or encumbrances on the property.

Identification Documents:

Both the buyer and seller must provide identification documents, such as a valid passport or national ID card. These documents are required to verify the identities of the parties involved in the transaction.

Energy Performance Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energética):

An Energy Performance Certificate is mandatory for selling a property in Spain. It assesses the property’s energy efficiency and provides information on energy consumption and emissions. The certificate must be obtained from a qualified technician registered with the relevant regional authority.

Property Tax Receipts (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles – IBI):

Ensure that you have the latest property tax receipts, also known as IBI receipts, to prove that all property taxes have been paid up to date. This document confirms that you are in good standing with your local municipality regarding property taxes.

Community Fees Receipts:

If your property is part of a community or homeowners association, gather receipts or proof of payment for any outstanding or current community fees. Buyers will want to ensure that there are no unpaid fees or disputes associated with the property.

Building License and Planning Permissions:

If you have made any modifications, renovations, or extensions to the property, it’s crucial to have the necessary building license and planning permissions. These documents ensure that the changes made to the property comply with local regulations and were approved by the relevant authorities.

Habitation Certificate (Cédula de Habitabilidad):

A Habitation Certificate is required for the sale of a residential property. It certifies that the property meets minimum habitability and safety standards. It is particularly important when selling a property that is newly constructed or has undergone significant renovations.

Mortgage Information:

If your property has an outstanding mortgage, you need to gather all relevant mortgage documentation, including the loan agreement, amortization schedule, and details of the outstanding balance. It is crucial to inform the buyer of the existing mortgage and work with them to coordinate the necessary steps for its cancellation or transfer.

Notarised Power of Attorney (if applicable):

If you are unable to attend the completion process in person, you may need to grant a Power of Attorney to a trusted representative who can act on your behalf. This document should be notarized and grant specific powers related to the sale of the property.

It’s important to note that this list of documents may vary depending on specific circumstances, property type, and location. Working with a qualified real estate professional or a lawyer experienced in Spanish property transactions is highly recommended. They can guide you through the process, ensure that you have all the necessary documents, and assist in preparing the required paperwork for a smooth property sale in Spain.

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