Did you know there are actually 11 beaches in Javea?

If you have already visited Javea you will be well aware of some of the main beaches in Javea, but there are some smaller less well known beaches that the
article below will reveal.

Arenal Beach
Probably the most well known and popular beach in Javea, with it´s sandy beach and gentle slope into the sea which provides shallow bathing, it is
perfect for families with children. The promenade is alive with restaurants and bars, catering for all tastes and comes alive in the evening with a vibrant
holiday atmosphere.

Cala Blanca
Not far from the Arenal beach we find Cala Blanca, made up of rock and pebble and formed from two small coves, the beach it´s name from the white cliffs
which are a stunning backdrop.

Sardine Bay
The name says it all! This was a favourite place for sardine fishermen and now is a popular beach which can only be accessed by steps leading down from the Mirador de la Cruz del Porticholl. Also a very popular mooring place for small boats and yachts in the summer.

Cala Granadella
Famous beach in Javea and has over the years provided the back drop for many block buster movies, it is 120mts wide of pebble beach with canoe hire
and launching ramp for small boats and is perfect for snorkelling and diving. There are a couple of bars and restaurants that are open in the holiday season.

Cala Ámbolo
Cala Ambolo is a wide pebble beach with clear water, it is the only designated nudist beach in the area and is accessed via a steep road and steps. In recent
years the breach has been closed due to landslides.

Portitxol Beach or La Barraca
Extremely popular pebble beach which overlooks Poticholl island, there aresmall fishing huts and two bar/restaurants which are open in the high season.

Second Muntanyar beach
Close to Cala Blanca, this quiet area of beach is perfect for enjoying a late
afternoon drink and enjoying the stunning sunsets. The beach is stone and
gravel and benefits from having Chiringuito La caleta on the doorstep.

El Primer Muntanyar
Located between the arenal beach and the port, this is a popular beach with two beach bars where you can enjoy a perfect day or evening looking out to
sea. Montgo Di Bongo and La Siesta are two of the most popular bars for the summer months. This a rocky beach and fantastic for snorkeling in the clear

Minister’s Bay
A small relatively unknown beach next to the Parador hotel. Historically know for the production of salted fish, you can still see the remains of an ancient
settlement dating back to the 1 st century BC.

La Grava Beach
La Grava is the Port beach, made up of gravel and with crystal clear water, it is easily accessible and has the benefit of an array of shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy a full day on the beach.

Cala Tangó or Playa Pope
Tucked away in the corner of the port marina bay, this is a small rocky beach which was made famous by the painter Joaquin Sorrola and his painting of
children playing on the rocks.

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In 2022 Javea Town Council will reduce the local IBI taxes by 17%, Mayor Jose Chulvi recently announced the reduction which will save the average homeowner in Javea around 450 euros per year.

The reduction will mean that Javea Council will collect around 3 million euros less IBI tax than in previous years. Other reductions will also be implemented which include a 505 reduction for large families and up to 25% reduction for a 3 year period for residential buildings with solar systems, this is to be capped at 200 euros per year.

Mayor Chulvi stated that these new reforms are a vital step to aid families who have been affected by financial difficulties during the pandemic. It now means that if you own a villa or apartment in Javea your yearly tax bill has been reduced significantly.

At the recent World Travel Fair in London, Carlos Mazon, president of the Costa Blanca Board of Trustees met with the Spanish Ambassador to discuss introducing measures that allow British citizens to stay in Spain longer than the current 90 day limit.

British tourism is a significant sector of the Spanish economy on the Costa Blanca and for this reason a six month reciprocal limit for Uk and Spanish citizens is being proposed for discussion between the UK and Spanish governments.

The Spanish Ambassador Jose Pascual Frame committed to convey to Uk Government ¨ urgent need for the tourist and economic interests of the
province¨ and will highlight the need to support 70,000 British homeowners in the Alicante region alone.

When you begin your property search in Spain, I am sure you will see many portals and websites advertising Spanish repossession properties at bargain prices. This could well be a good route for some, but it´s important to understand how the Spanish banks work, and the complexities of buying repossession property. After the world financial crash in 2007/2008 repossession properties were plenty, with many owners hitting a low in their financial status and finding it difficult to maintain mortgage repayments. The banks are obviously keen to try and recoup these losses and offer properties at what may initially seem to be bargain prices, but it is essential that you make certain checks to ensure that the property is a good investment.

Here we have some basic information to help you understand the buying process within the banking system.

Use an independent Lawyer

It is complete madness to embark on buying property in Spain without employing the services of an independent lawyer. Local property laws can vary between Spanish regions and although the banks will have legal representation it is always good practice to have a lawyer represent you who is not associated with the selling party. It is almost certain that electricity and water supplies have been turned off, and in some circumstances it can be problematic getting these reinstated, so your lawyer is vital to investigate this situation with the local utility suppliers.

Check the property

It is more than common that bank repossession properties will be in a state of disrepair, and in some cases some of the appliances, central heating systems and bathrooms may have been partially or totally removed by the previous owners. It is advisable to use a surveyor to obtain a general overview of the property and highlight any structural defects, also he will be able to give you estimated costs to rectify the faults.

How long will it take to buy repossessed property from the bank?

Generally it will take longer to buy through the banks, the final completion will not be able to take place before all paperwork is up to date and available. Banks are notoriously slow with almost all procedures and it could take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on the complexity of the sale and the situation left by the previous owners.


The obvious attraction to buying repossession property is the purchase price, this in some cases can be very beneficial from a financial point, but the journey buying through the bank can be a challenging and time consuming process, and in some cases what initially seems like a fantastic purchase may not be as attractive as you thought with the selling price not that much better than a similar property purchased through a private vendor, in fact it is almost certain that the bank will not negotiate on price the same way as a private seller.

Work on the 9 hole Mestral course has now been completed and is due to be reopened returning the La Sella golf complex 27 holes. The course has been remodelled with new grass, bunkers, landscaping and a complete up to date irrigation system. Importantly all the tees and bunkers have been resized with new drains and pond areas

Jose Maria Olazabal to visit La Sella in November

All the works carried out have been supervised by the course designer Jose Maria Olazabal. Work was carried out by Golf Tecnicas Naturales,Acttua and TAS. Olazabal will be at the reopening of the course in November to attend an official opening with partners and golf friends with more than 30 years in the sport.

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