5 Reasons why you should use a currency exchange company

  1. A foreign exchange service offers better value for money.
    You have to realise that exchange companies only deal with overseas
    transactions as opposed to banks who offer foreign exchange as a small part of
    their services. For this reason the volume of transactions are far higher with
    exchange companies so in turn this results in a better exchange rates which
    saves you money.
  2. Foreign exchange services enable you to plan ahead
    If you have future foreign commitments to purchase such as completing on a
    property, you can lock in to an exchange rate to ensure you have the best
  3. Foreign exchange services are convenient.
    It is very simple to register with an exchange company, once you have
    completed a simple questionnaire, your account is open and you are able to
    make simple transfers.
  4. Foreign exchange services offer specialist tools and products.
    There are many tools and products that your exchange rate company has to
    offer, these can vary from specialist banking to forward spotting exchange
    rates, also they can provide you with automated up to date information on
    latest exchange rates.

Having been selling villas, townhouses and apartments in Javea, Denia, Moraira and
the Jalon Valley for many years, at Signature Villas we realise the importance of
simple and competitive money transfers from the UK into Spain. Not only is it
important for the transaction to take place smoothly and in time for a purchase
deadline, but also achieving a secure and competitive exchange rate could save you
a considerable amount of money. We are pleased to team up with A Place in the
Sun Currency which is a joint venture with A place in the Sun Ltd, which is the
publisher and organiser of the hit channel 4 series and also A Place in The Sun live

Our service is specifically designed for anyone making overseas payments to buy,
and maintain, an overseas property. We understand the importance of an efficient
and transparent currency service and have an experienced team in place to help
make your money go further and secure your very own place in the sun
From a deposit on a house through to settling the balance, for regular monthly
payments or one-off items, A Place in the Sun Currency ensures your funds reach
the right destination, at the right time, at a highly competitive rate.

Currency Index was set up in 2008 and since then has helped thousands of
customers transfer money overseas. It is an Authorised Payment Institution under
FCA regulations.
A Place in the Sun Currency Ltd is authorised by the FCA to provide payment
services under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (firm reference number
504353), and is supervised by HMRC under the 4th anti-money laundering directive
(reference XMML00000167797). You can verify both of these independently on the
FCA and HMRC websites.
Our team and our banking are UK-based, and we operate Safeguarded bank
accounts as per FCA regulations. Unlike online-only services, we are also only ever
a phone call away, for any questions you may have.

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