In June 2018 a new law was passed in the Valencia region which affects all Spanish owners wishing to rent their properties.
This law states that all holiday rental property has to be registered with the local government, and obtain a certificate “Visto Bueno” from the local townhall planning department which states that your property is fit for holiday rentals. Failure to obtain the license can result in heavy fines, so it is essential to obtain the correct paperwork if you are thinking of renting your property. Obviously there is great concern among many expats who rely on rental income as part of their yearly living revenue, and in some cases will result in building works to improve the property to the required level for the license. The law has blanket coverage across the whole Valencia region and was put in place to protect tourism, unfortunately in some areas such as here in Javea, many people think this will have a reverse affect as we already have a shortage of rental property available in the main holiday season, so to this effect there has been much debate and opposition within the local Javea town hall, and the local government has been urged to try and resolve this issue to avoid a massive shortage of rental property for 2020. The result of this pressure is that the Javea townhall are now issuing tourist licenses for apartments, and owners should have no problem in obtaining one providing that they have all the necessary documentation. Licenses for villas are a different scenario and discussions are currently in place to resolve this situation also.
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